Licensing Requests
Licensing for all students is free. Any student at a school, university or private program may use any of the music on the site with no licensing fee.
Educators, too...yes, online dance educators as well. 
If you're working on a professional dance project, you can get an affordable license through this page.
Media company or business? You can license music, too. 
Here's how it works. 

Students & Educators

Licensing is free for all current dance students and educators. This includes all online student and dance education videos.  

  • Free for all students for use in choreographic/screendance projects
  • Free for dance educators to use in curriculum projects

I love to see video or even just hear about your project, so feel free to drop me a note below if you like!

    Choreographers & Professionals

    Licensing is $50 per track.

    • Professional choreographic projects

    • Professional screendance projects

    Example pricing:

    You want to use 2 tracks for a screen dance. Each track is $50, so the license would be $100


      Media Companies

      Costs for other professional licenses vary by project. 

      • Film reels
      • Promotional materials/ads
      • Films
      • Other performances ...

      Send me a message about your project and we'll figure out your license. 

        Message Me About Your Project

        Send me details (number of tracks, performance dates, showings, etc.) and I'll send you an invoice for the license to use them. Thanks!