soundFORMovement exists for the dance and film communities — so that movement artists can have professional music at prices that match their projects.

Students can find license-free music to use for choreography. Dance teachers can find hundreds of tracks organized by meter and BPM to discover music that fits their classes. Choreographers can listen to hundreds of pieces I've composed that can be reused or edited for new projects. 

My goal is to create a music library where dancers and teachers can find music in any time signature — a library in all the major meters for dancers from 20bpm to 200bpm (any reasonable bpm). Here on my website for download and on Spotify so that you can stream in class.

If you want to know more about me and where I come from my story and CV are below.  

All my very best, 

Michael Wall

My Story

   I was born in Sunflower, Mississippi and began playing the trumpet at the age of 9. My early gigs included military funerals, church organ duets and composing/arranging for small brass ensembles, marching and jazz bands. After an injury to my embouchure, I was forced to stop playing the trumpet at the age of 16 and began working hard at learning the piano. I attended Rutgers University and studied jazz piano with Kenny Barron and piano technique with Wanda Maximillien. I studied experimental music/composition with Daniel Goode and began working with modern/ballet dance under the mentorship of Robert “Tigger” Benford. 

   After college I left for NYC and worked as a fulltime composer and dance accompanist. I spent summers on faculty at The American Dance Festival and Bates Dance Festival, where I played and composed for many choreographers. During the year, I was living on the Bowery in NYC and performing with microtonal musician Skip La Plante. Most of my early commissions were recorded at Peter Karl’s studio in Brooklyn, NY and this is where my love for recording developed. I moved to Philadelphia and worked as an assistant to recording engineer Darren Morze, while learning mixing and mastering from Gordon Rice. In that recording studio, I was learning the analog recording process while the mixing and mastering was being done digitally. My own studio now uses a mixture of both. 

   At this time, I met my now wife and we moved to Columbus, OH with our new son. I continued composing for film and dance, but wanted a more stable income so I started working at The Ohio State University. This led to my current faculty position at The University of Utah where I teach sound design, fundamentals of collaboration, rhythmic theory and play for ballet, modern and improvisation classes. 

   For the last 10 years I have also been a part of the development of online music distribution by independent artists. My first website,, was built with designer Jamie Karczewski and hosted 40 artists and over 2,000 tracks. My current website,, has a collection of over 400 tracks of sound design made for dance/film. I am also a member of the Salt Lake Electric Ensemble, a group of nine musicians performing the works of Terry Riley, Phillip Glass and our own using Ableton Live. I am working on a book for teaching music to dancers and am really excited about developing a solo performing act to bring what I do in a dance class musically out into public.

Choreographers & Educators I've Worked With
Bebe Miller – worked with at OSU, accompanied modern technique and composed composed score for “History” and several solo performances. 
Donald McKayle – accompanied at ADF. 
David Dorfman – Composed several scores including “Lightbulb Theory” and accompanied at ADF, BDF and many other places. 
Lisa Race – Composed many scores including, “Social Climb”, and accompanied at ADF, BDF and many other places. 
Mark Haim – Composed “An Anatomy of Intent” in collaboration with the Jose Limon Dance Company and accompanied for at ADF and NYC. 
Doug Varone – Accompanied for many years in NYC. 
Doug Nielson – Accompanied for many years at ADF. 
Doug Elkins - Accompanied at ADF and composed sound design for thesis work. 
John Evans – Accompanied for many years at Rutgers University and composed several pieces for his company. 
Heidi Latsky and Larry Goldhuber – Performed, “I Hate Modern Dance”, at the Joyce, NYC. 
Risa Steinberg – Accompanied for many years at the Jose Limon studio. 
Paulette Sears – Accompanied for many years at Rutgers University and composed several pieces, one that was performed at Martha’s Vineyard. 
Neta Pulvermacher – Accompanied at ADF and composed/performed many pieces in NYC with her company. 
James Morrow – Accompanied for at OSU and composed for several pieces. 
Randy James – Accompanied for many years at Rutgers University and composed several pieces including, “Heavan’s Dust”. 
Wallie Wolfgruber – Accompanied at Rutgers and SUNY Brockport and composed several scores. 
Nicholas Leichter – Accompanied for many years at ADF. 
David Grenke – Accompanied for at Rutgers University and SUNY Purchase and composed several pieces for including, “Savage Love”. 
Pearl Lang – Accompanied for at ADF. 
Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson –Accompanied for in NYC and worked on a piece in collaboration with Patrick Swayze. 
Eun-me Ahn –Performed solo piano improvisation for an evening length work with her company at Symphony Space, NYC. 
Julia Ritter - Accompanied for many years at Rutgers University and composed many pieces for her company. 
David Parsons – Accompanied for at 92nd St. Y. 
Daniel Clifton – Accompanied for at ADF and University of Utah. 
David Beadle –Taught/Led Improvisation for musician and dancers for many years at ADF. 
Jenn Nugent – Accompanied for many years at ADF, BDF, NYC and many other places. Composed many scores for solos and company projects. 
Merceditas Alexander – Accompanied in NYC for many years. 
Carlos Orta – Accompanied at Jose Limon studio, NYC. 
K.J. Holmes – Performed at St. Mark’s Church, NYC. 
Jaclynn Villamil – Accompanied for many years at ADF and NYC. 
Sean Curran – Accompanied for many years in NYC. 
Pam Pietro – Accompanied for many years at ADF, DanceSpace and NYU. Composed several scores for solos and ensembles. 
Shonach Mirk Robles –Accompanied Ballet at BDF. 
Meghan Durham Wall – Accompanied for at Princeton University, OSU, University of Utah and composed several pieces. 
William Forsythe – Accompanied at OSU. 
Adriane Fang – Accompanied for many years at BDF and NYC and composed for several pieces. 
Geri Houllihan – Accompanied for many years at ADF. 
Martha Tornay – Accompanied for many years at ADF, NYC and made several scores for her dance company. 
Jesse Zarrit – Accompanied for many years at ADF. 
Susan Hadley –Accompanied for many years at OSU. 
Shen Wei – Accompanied for many years in NYC and at ADF. 
Robert Battle – Accompanied for many years in NYC and ADF. 



October 2017 - Inspired by fall beauty. There are new metered tracks for technique phrases and new non-metered tracks for improvisation or choreography...or reverse those if that is how you roll! 

September 2017 - Here is my first vocal recording of many to come - "I Rode on NYC". It talks about my time in NYC in the early 2000's. It feels like many lifetimes ago, but this song brings me right back to it and I hope you can feel it with me. The other tracks on September 2017 are a mixture of piano and synth recordings.

August 2017 - This album was inspired by a trip to the American Dance Festival, including new ways of working in Ableton Live inspired by other ADF musicians. I captured sounds from my flight out, an air conditioner that was pumping out a drum and bass glitch rhythm and a huge hail storm. The album has six new metered tracks for teaching class and four non-metered tracks for improvisation or choreography.

July 2017 - This album features 10 ambient pieces made with my upright baby grand piano, Nord Piano 3 Rhodes/Wurlitzer and wicked out of tune toy piano. Perfect for improvisations and quiet listening.

June 2017 - "3 92" is a trumpet piece in 3/4. "5 176" uses my new MiniBrute synth from Arturia. "7 189" is in 7/4 and is built from manipulating samples, originally in 4/4, from Samplephonics newest project Noiiz. "Chapter 2, 3 and 10" were composed for Molly Heller's piece "Vary, Vary". "Burr" is a composition that I made for a recent ballet. The first instrument you hear in the piece was made from my "Burr coffee grinder" using Sampler in Ableton Live. "Synth 1" was made with Korg's "Little Bits", a small but powerful modular synth. "The Warrior" and "The Queen" are both commissions from Taja Will for her piece "Bruja".

May 2017 - May 2017 is made primarily using "Analog Strings" by Output. It is a intensely sampled string instrument with many different solo and ensemble options. I explored rolling lush chords with distortion, fat classic synth strings, rhythmic pizzicatos and straight up string ensemble arrangements.

April 2017 - For this album, I wanted to dig deep into Native Instruments amazing new piano, Una Corda - "Una Corda faithfully captures the special sound signature of a custom-made contemporary piano with one string per key – originally created by David Klavins in close collaboration with composer Nils Frahm."


Summer 2016 - New music from collaborations with Daniel Charon (Ririe Woodbury Dance), Jenny Stulberg and Lauren Simpson, Katie Sherman, Erica Buechner, Stephane Glenn and couple of remixes from student works. 


May 2015 - Three scores from collaborations with Jenny Stulberg and Lauren Simpson, Randy James and 10 Hairy Legs, Jennifer Archibald and the Alvin Ailey II company and a track from class with Daniel Clifton. 

trumpet - Scores made for trumpet.
Construct - Collaboration with the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company and Daniel Charon.
across from solitude - Collaboration with Adam Crawley.
Summer 2015 - A collection of scores from collaborations with Eric Handman, GroundWorks, Jacque Bell, RDT, Adam Larson and Darren Morze.
You - A collaboration with Joel Brown and David Schulman for choreographer Graham Brown.


Meditation 1 - A 30 minute track for meditation. Balinese Gongs, Wind Gongs in the mountains at night, Bowed Piano, Novachord and Geosonics.

RAPA - An 80 improvisation recorded live. 

December 2014 - A small collection of scores made for dance. 

November 2014 - A collection of metered scores for dance. 
Jenuwine Flow - 2014. A 60 minute track for Yoga practice in collaboration with Christie Lynn Jenuwine.
Invisible River - A collaboration with Alie Vidich. The performance used music from Mike Wall, Darren Morze, Jon Yerby, Barrios and Bach and lasted about two hours. 

quiet - A collection of remixes and new tracks all over 10 minutes long and made to be played quiet.

Keep an Eye Out - A 45 minute improvisation. 

4.2014 - A collection of tracks in 4/4.


Slow - A collection of slow ambiences each 30 minutes long.

long 20 - 10 tracks all at least 20 minutes long for dance.

soundFORballet - A collaboration with ballet instructor Courtney Harris, who designed the meters, forms and order of tracks. 
3 (2013) - 19 tracks in 3/4 from 20-200 BPM. 

4 (2013) - 19 tracks in 4/4 from 20-200 BPM. 

5 (2013) - 19 tracks in 5/4 from 20-200 BPM. 

6 (2013) - 19 tracks in 6/4 from 20-200 BPM. 

7 (2013) - 19 tracks in 7/4 from 20-200 BPM. 

Raja -  A 90 minute album of music recorded during a dance class with Raja.


Kendra Portier/Mike Wall - Recorded during a class taught by Kendra Portier, this album is a full 100 minute class score. 

Bel Borba/Neurotypical Soundtracks - Scores for films with Darren Morze and Bob Hart.  

Another Day, Another Dance Class - A collaboration with Darren Morze. 

43214 - Collaboration with Darren Morze. 

Toot. - Collaboration with Darren Morze. 

Remote Works - A collection of scores made for dance. 

Get Booth! - Album inspired by the events occurring before and after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. 

Class - Collection of scores made for dance. 

19129 - A collection of scores for dance. 

BFA in Modern Dance - A collection of scores for dance. 

“Spirit Song” - Kenny Barron, Verve Records.