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Welcome to soundFORMovement Membership! 

Membership to soundFORMovment comes in three levels of benefits and content. All levels of membership include 50% off all music and access to the "Teaching/Learning" resources. This is a new and growing section of soundFORMovement that provides lesson plans for dance educators on teaching music for dance, guides on how to play for dance and how to compose for dance. This will be a great resource for teachers, students, musicians and lovers of music for dance to dive deep into ideas and practices.

Levels 2 and 3 come with the same benefits of Level 1, a free monthly mix of 5 tracks and 50% off licensing songs for videos and performances. Students will continue to enjoy free licensing of all music. Level 3 will have a very unique benefit of requesting a track in any meter (3,4,5,6 or 7), any tempo and any instrument that I own...JUST LIKE IN A DANCE CLASS! This has been a dream for me and I am so excited that I have figured out a way to do this. Level 3 Members can make their request and it will go into a queue that everyone can see and track. Yours could be next!

Membership for soundFORMovement is first and foremost a way for me to provide sustained benefits to those folks that continue to support me and music for dance. A membership at any level will go towards developing soundFORMovement and the service it provides for our dance community. I hope you will consider becoming a sustaining member.

Thank you,